Did you that our Pontiac Wine & Cider Tour is Ottawa's best selling wine tour for the last 3 years?! That's right, on this tour alone, we host around 800 guests a year. Why is this tour so popular and so highly rated among guests? Let us present our first ever wine & cider tour and explain why you need to book your tickets and discover the Outaouais' incredible wine scene. 

Pontiac Wine & Cider Tour - Aventure Outaouais

The Pontiac region of the Outaouais is home to many amazing wineries and a family-run cider mill. With evocative landscapes, like the Eardley Escarpment, the Ottawa River, and the beautiful farm land along the way, the drive allows guests to escape the city and relaxe. 

This region has been producing wine grapes for over 20 years now. Known for its cold climate rustic grapes, you will usually find dry wines here, that is wine with less than 6 grams of residual sugar. In fact, in most cases, there is less than 2 grams of residual sugar. With a good level of acidity, the wines produced are perfect for a nice sunny summer day. 

Pontiac Wine & Cider Tour - Aventure Outaouais

Our Pontiac Wine & Cider Tour allors guests to visit 2 different wineries and a local cider mill, while spending quality time with the owners. Who better to learn from about the wine industry than those who spend their lives making it. These are not industrial wineries, these are family-run wineries which offer a relaxed atmosphere.

At the cider mill, everything sold here is from the family orchard. From apple pies, to cookies, cider, and pure apple juice, this place has it all. Plus, the smells as you walk inside can only be described as the smell of love. Here's guests are able to walk into the production room and learn about the production of cider. Just like the rest of the Pontiac, this place is also full of history. Next to the mill is a 1930's dance hall that brings guests back in time to a more simple era. 

All this said, this tour includes 11 tastings of wine & cider from all 3 stops, a full cheese and charcuterie board for each guest, a delcious slice of homemade apple pie and ice cream, free transportation from Ottawa & Gatineau, and your local guide for the entire day. This tour runs every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until the mid-October.