Canada's Capital Region is perhaps not as well known for being an wine region as other locations in Canada like the Niagara area, Prince Edward County, or ever Okanagan, but their is actually a great number of wineries that offer not only incredible wine, but also beautiful locations to visit. In fact, there are almost a douzen wineries just in the Outaouais region alone, a travel destination of Quebec just across the river from Ottawa. Here, you will find family-run wineries producing a wide range of rustic wines. 

While these wineries may be lesser known, you can enjoy a unique guided tour of these wineries with Aventure Outaouais which will leave you wondering why these places where not more notable. See, compared to many other wine tours in Canada and around the world, Aventure Outaouais brings guests to only family-run wineries where guests get to enjoy a private tour with the owners. This way, guests can better appreciate what it takes to make each glass of wine and get a better picture of the wine culture in the region.

Aventure Outaouais currently offer's two different wine & cider tours from Ottawa and Gatineau. The first and oldest one, the Pontiac Wine & Cider Tour. This tour includes 3 stops in the beautiful Pontiac region of the Outaouais, and includes 11 tastings of wine and cider, a full meal, one-on-one time with the owners, and backstage tours of the wineries. The second tour is the Petite Nation Wine & Cider Tour which allows guests to dive into Quebec's French agriculture and visit 4 different locations, including 2 wineries, a cider mill, and a local farm for lunch. This tour includes a minimum of 13 tastings of wine & cider, a full meal, and much more.

Wine Grape Harvesting Day Trip - Aventure Outaouais

To make your visit as easy as possible, Aventure Outaouais provides free transportation from Downtown Ottawa & Gatineau. Plus, each tour includes a local guide, unlimited snacks in the minibus, and much more. The bonus of visiting this wine region is you get much more value for your money than other locations in Canada. For as low as 150$ per person, you get a full-day wine tour that will leave you with lasting memories. 


So what are you waiting for to come discover the Outaouais's incredible wine region?