The number one question we get these days is: what's the difference between our Pontiac Wine & Cider Tour and our Petite Nation Wine & Cider Tour? Let's first start by presenting these two tours.

Our Pontiac Wine & Cider Tour is not only the first tour we ever developed, but it remains our best selling tour do date. It brings guests into the lovely Pontiac region of the Outaouais, a region known for its more English heritage. This tour includes 3 stops, including 2 family-run wineries and a local cider mill. Guests will be able to enjoy 11 tastings of wine and cider, a full lunch including a cheese and charcuterie board, apple pie, and much more, as well as private tours of each location. 

Wine Grape Harvesting Day Trip - Aventure Outaouais

Our Petite Nation Wine & Cider Tour has been recently redeveloped and brings guests into the Petite Nation region of the Outaouais, a much more French catholic influenced region. On this tour, guests will be able to enjoy a minimum of 13 tastings of wine & cider for 4 different locations, a full meal prepared by a local 5th generation farm, and private tours with the owners.

Petite-Nation Wine & Cider Tour - Aventure Outaouais 

Both tours have the same number of wineries and cider mills. So what makes them different?

First, while the Pontiac Wine & Cider Tour offers guests your more traditionnal choices of red, white, and rosé wines, the Petite Nation Wine & Cider Tour offers a greater range of products. From orange wine, to strawberry and raspberry wines, and ice cider, guest's will be able to explore the full range of wines made in Quebec.

Petite-Nation Wine & Cider Tour - Aventure Outaouais

Second, the Pontiac region offer's guests the possibility to step back in time and enjoy the simplicity of the past. From a 1930's dance hall, to a more fulk ambiance, it's easy to fall in love with the charm of the Pontiac. Plus, one of the stops in the Pontiac has the Gatineau Park Hills as its background. Perfect for great pictures. 

Third and finaly, you will be able to see the difference between nature wines and regular wines during the Petite Nation Wine & Cider Tour. Organic wines, or nature wines, are produced by one of the stops on the tour. Guests will be able to learn about the challenges in prudicing this type of wine.

As you can tell, each tour has its advantages. They are both unique and offer something special to our guests. So, which wine tour should you book? The simple answer is both!